eddie, build a bot in seconds!

Posted on Sat 22 April 2017 in blog • Tagged with python, eddie, chatbot

I'm really into chatbots lately.

I was tired of creating the same chatbot on different platforms, so I created eddie, a Python library that basically lets you doing the following:

  • define your bot, using a set of simplified API
  • define the endpoints (services to which you activate your bot)
  • run …

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my solution of Tidy Number (Google Code Jam)

Posted on Tue 11 April 2017 in blog • Tagged with programming, python, Google Code Jam


Google Code Jam

This year I'm sharing my solutions of the Google Code Jam, this is the second post, here are the previous:

The problem

Here the complete problem text.

Tatiana is a nice girl with a bit of OCD, she likes to find numbers with the …

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Oversized Pancake Flipper - Google Code Jam

Posted on Mon 10 April 2017 in blog • Tagged with programming, python, Google Code Jam


Google Code Jam

If you're a programmer and you don't know Google Code Jam, you should definitely go and check that. It's basically a coding competition, I like to call it "the programming olympics".

It's about 4 or 5 years I'm participating, I love it because it challenges my coding …

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Learn Django the right away

Posted on Fri 17 March 2017 in blog • Tagged with prorgamming, python, django, tdd

I wanted a guide to start using Django.

I also wanted a guide with a good approach, something that could give me a good understanding of some methodology like TDD.

I found Test-Driven Development with Python, aka Obey the Testing Goat!.

It is awesome. not only it introduces you to …

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